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My subject is “If your life was a mixed tape, what songs/artists would be on it?” It was submitted by: http://shannonbutler.org

I’m not a music person, or rather only know a few songs. Now if it was about books, then I would never be able to stop writing. Instead of looking up songs and artists that don’t really mean much to me, I had my husband answer this prompt.

So here’s what songs and artists my husband would have playing during important events in his life.

When he earned his Eagle Scout Rank

His high school graduation – We Will Rock You

When he first saw me – Bohemian Rhapsody

When he proposed to me – Love of a Lifetime

During our wedding march – Top Gun Anthem

When our son was born – These are the Moments

When he wins an argument – We Just Disagree

When he loses an argument – You’re Human

Any major decision we make – Don’t Look Back

What do you think of his sound track for his life? He also added that any Journey song would work as well.