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Your job is sucking the soul right out of you.  Do you say “To Hell With It” and walk away, trusting that something else will come along or do you stick it out while looking . . .

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This is the perfect post as my job really is sucking the life and soul from me. I am a highly qualified reading specialist with numerous years of special education experience. About ten years ago budget cuts caused me to lose my job as the 6th reading specialist at one job. Consequently I spent a year unemployed. That resulted in losing our condo and filing for bankruptcy. We had to move into a tiny apartment,

Thankfully I was then hired by another school as only the 2nd reading specialist only to be laid off five years years later, then called back at .5 (half my salary).

I have applied to other schools, but I rarely get called in for interviews. I’ve been told that I’m too expensive. Yup, it’s cheaper to hire a teacher out of college than an experienced teacher with almost twenty years teaching special education and providing reading services.

Of course, the place I work only cares about the budget and money. Of course everyone has suggestions and ideas. Of course everyone wants to tell me what to do.

I keep applying for jobs, but am not getting any calls or make it past the first interview. Even schools that I provide reading services for thorough my school have not called me in for an interview, even out of courtesy.

I can’t stay at .5 as I can’t afford it and one day I could be cut from my .5 job.

Maybe it’s time to leave the field of education. Of course switching careers is easier said than done.  I have tried that before with no luck. Here I am, a 40 year-old plus woman, who is trying to hold it together and not fall apart. Here I am as my job has sucked the very life out of me. Those in charge who only see me as a number probably do sleep very well at night as could care less about the people who work for them.

Being stuck in this situation is destroying my self esteem. We’ve been through hard times before, but I feel as if more hard times are on the way. I am not sure how much more of this I can handle without losing my mind.

My son’s birthday was Saturday and all I wanted to do was curl into a ball and cry. I havd to be brave and strong and pretend all was great.

I used to be the breadwinner of the family, now I feel like the burden. This is not how my life was supposed to be when I pictured myself in my forties. I should be an accomplished teacher, secure in her job. Instead I am worrying if I will be laid off again and how we will survive.

How much bad luck can one person have? We’ve been through the rough times, at what point will I finally catch a break? I laugh when I thought living paycheck to paycheck was tough. Now the paychecks just barely cover it.

Any one have a job opening for a teacher who has had it with the education field?