LOVE that I finally have a heavy and non-stick half sheet to cook our dinners on each night.

The only time consuming prep was defrosting the shrimp then peeling and deveining. After that it was all super quick and easy.

This is a super simple meal, no long recipes needed. You coat the shrimp, corn, and asparagus in whatever type of oil and herbs you fancy.

I always use olive oil and for this recipe I used, coconut oil as well, with butter, goya seasoning, minced garlic and onions, parsley, oregano, basic, a spot of red pepper flakes and cumin. Mixed all together it adds lots of flavor and brings out the flavor of each of the foods.

I added almost the same thing to the rice, but used a good portion of turmeric to get that yellow color.

Bookworm Boy ate it all up and Bookworm Dad took it to work the next day.

All the ingredients were purchased at ALDIS which saves us a TON of money. They have great quality for a low price.  I can save on meats, snacks, cheeses, and canned goods.