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MY PROMPT IS:::: What is your favorite decade? Either that you actually experienced or wish you would have experienced.

It was submitted by:  http://shannonbutler.org  

So there are quite a few amazing decades throughout history that I would’ve loved to have been a part of, but I chose to focus on the decades that I have lived through.
Narrowing that down to 4.1 from which to chose, the most amazing decade thus far has been this decade. Yes starting in 2010 things did not look good. We have had bad luck and financial hardships, but I won’t write a depressing post today. Instead I’m going to focus on the most amazing thing about this decade. I’m a mom! In 2009 my son was born, but I going to lump those six months in with this decade.
I have watched Bookworm Boy grow from a tiny preemie who was in the NICU for the first 10 days of his life to a soon-to-be third grader. Being his mom is the biggest joy and an amazing adventure of my life. Bookworm Boy is a kind, caring, respectful and motivated young man. His kindness extends to even those who are mean and bullying him. He will help anyone who needs it and his stubbornness has been a great gift. Why? You cannot talk him into anything he does not want to do and he will stand up for someone who is being pressured.
Raising a confident, extrovert has not been an easy task for an awkward, introvert.  He’s taught me more in these past few years and I’ve learned in my whole life
I know he will do amazing things in in life and change the world for the better. Despite all of the tough lessons bad luck and hardships we have face knowing that I get to be a mom to this amazing human being somehow gets me through it all.
His 8th birthday was the beginning of June, therefore I was inspired to look back on all of the birthdays that I have a blogged about. Can you believe how much he has grown?