So one of my goals this summer is to do my best to follow minimalism, so we can have more space and peace in our tiny apartment.

Here is a great site to get more info The Minamalists

While it would be impossible for me to follow a true minimalist lifestyle, I can try as much as possible. I started by purging unneeded items from our living room and my closet, but still have a lot more work to do to really feel peace in this place. I talked hubby into getting rid of old board games we haven’t played in years. One game was utterly outdated and obsolete. It didn’t make sense to hold onto to them for memories.

Instead of waiting till the entire apartment was completely cleaned out, I am going to share my progress along the way.

Let’s start with Bookworm Boy’s room. As I’ve stated many times before, we live in a tiny apartment. I call it my New York city apartment in our luxurious town. We’ll probably be here for here for a few more years, so we need to make it work.

Again this is only the beginning of the plans for Bookworm Boy’s room.

Even though we still have a ways to go, he was joyous with all the space in his now spacious and clean room. There was lots of jumping and exercising in his new found space. Before that (forgot to take pictures of the before mess) Bookworm boy had clutter on every surface, Lego pieces everywhere, an overflowing closet, too many books, more toys than a toy store-most of which were broken. You could see the joy on his face when he got rid of broken figures and found items he hadn’t seen in months.

Upon entering his room there were bags and bins near the door. Now there is only a bin for laundry and a basket to collect anything else he wants to get rid of (that will be there until Monday afternoon, as we have no room left in our garbage bins).

Books took up three shelves, art supplies and paper took up two more, toys had to be piled upon each other on the floor and in the closet. It was out of control.

I was able to consolidate and separate crayons, markers, pencils, pens, glitter, and activity books all in separate bags. I donated 3/4 of the paper and sketch pads he had.  Now it all fits nicely in one plastic bin!!!! Seriouly it’s all in one bin and that is all he needs. He can lay it all out, easily see what he needs, and the clean up is easier.

All art supplies are there at his fingertips and I will make sure that he does not get any more art supplies for Christmas or birthdays until he runs out of supplies.

Two boxes of books were donated. Yes, we still have a ways to go, but thankfully all cars, books, art supplies, dinosaurs, and bin of plastic soldiers all fit on those two shelves.

We still need to go trough the car bins, as he gets a Hess truck every Christmas, and toss any broken and chewed dinosaurs. I am positive the soldiers can be kept in a bag and share a shelf with something else.

Bookworm Boy is proud of his clear table, which needs to be updated soon. My mother is thinking about getting him a bunk bed with an attached desk befitting of a 3rd grader.

I know his closet is far from what a minimalist closet looks like. We still have a long journey for that goal, but half the items are gone. The only toys left in the closet are a bin of various figures and a tub of swords, bats, and balls.

He has an abundant amount of camp shirts (cheap shirts that are meant to get dirty at summer camp). I need to go through his hanging shirts which are a variety of the nicer type shirts. The door has a hanging organizer for caps, hats, and gloves, which needs to be purged.

Not featured in this post is his dresser (which is finally clean), a HUGE hanging net full to the brim with stuffed animals, and his tall bookshelf for all his Lego creations. I doubt I will ever get him to purge his stuffed animals, but I will keep trying. One step at a time is the best we can do right now.

We also have about ten of board games in the living room. I think we need to go through them, there’s at least five he hardly plays with anymore.

Any tips or suggestions?