Most Sunday nights I make homemade sauce and either sausage or meatballs with pasta.

Leftovers can get boring, so we have mix it up. One favorite is making the meatballs into sandwiches.


  • meatballs
  • sauce
  • rolls
  • shredded cheese
  • grated cheese


  1. layer sauce on each side of the roll (any roll of your choice)
  2. spread cheese on each side of the roll
  3. toast the rolls until cheese is melted
  4. slice two meatballs and microwave
  5. place meatballs on one side and sprinkle grated cheese on the meatballs
  6. place other side of roll on top and ENJOY

This was a huge hit with Bookworm Boy, he devoured it like a boss.

What do you do with leftover pasta and meatballs?