Yup totally deleted this post by accident….uuuuugh. So this post is definitely not as good as the first time I wrote it. For more Top Ten posts go to Part Time Working Hockey Mom.

1. try to follow the minimalism lifestyle by getting rid of all the junk we don’t need. Less is more!!!!

2. Empty the kitchen of all unused appliances and tools. Only keep one cabinet for food and one cabinet for stockpiling canned goods and snacks. Since it’s room that is entered from the outer door, it needs to be clean and clear. Besides less clutter, less junk, happier life.

3. continue working on the boy’s room. I started the process which you can read here. I need to finish so he has clear shelves which will make life calmer and less stressed.

4. Continue cleaning out my closet. As of right now all the clothes in there are for work or dressy clothes. Once school restarts I can see what I really use and toss unused clothes.

I still have clothes in the dresser drawers, but plan to limit that as well.

5. Thinking about getting rid of most of my picture frames as I rather have empty and clear space. We have tons of Chatbooks in which we can look back on pictures.

6. Read more books and go over my Goodreads reading goal.

7. Transition from 40 squats while lifting a kettle bell, to 100 squats while lifting a kettle bell.

8. Transition from 100 kettle swings to 300 kettle swings.

9. Transition from 20 knee push ups to 50 regular push ups.

10. Do more blogging and read more blog posts. I need to get my numbers back up to where they were when I had my former blog.


What’s on your list?