This is a continuation on my series of following a minimalism lifestyle.

I tackled my kitchen, starting Sunday night and finished Monday afternoon. My parents came up to celebrate my Dad’s 70th birthday and my mom helped me finish up the project.  In the end I threw away 6 bags of garbage including old food, broken items, and collected junk that we didn’t need or use. Having a tiny kitchen means that crap builds up and we got into the frame of mind of holding onto things we may need when we move into a bigger place. The years have passed and we are taking up valuable space with items we don’t need or use.

No Before Pics of the Clutter

Once again I forgot the before pics, but let me tell you that the top of the cabinets were piled with food boxes, liquors, and appliances that were hardly used. Hubby, who I love dearly, has collected 2 stove top espresso maker, 1 electric espresso maker, 2 percolators, 2 grills, 1 waffle maker…all items we hardly use. No I didn’t chuck any of it, but he promised to take one grill to work and will have to choose which espresso and percolator he wants to keep.

It wasn’t just hubby’s things I examined. I had a popcorn maker that I used twice a year. The time and effort to set it up, the amount of butter and coconut oil I would have to use, and the time to clean it all up was not worth it in the end. I can buy two huge bags of tasty, low salt popcorn from Aldi’s that will last more than two weeks.

I was able to put most of these items in the cabinet above the stove for Hubby to decide what to keep. We only need one espresso maker, one grill, and one percolator. Once we purge the unnecessary appliances, we will have extra space to store water bottles and coffee mugs (see next section for an explanation)

Too Many Choices for Drinking

If it was up to hubby he would have 80 coffee mugs, travel mugs, drinking cups, and water bottles. I don’t mind have two or three water bottles in the fridge ready to go. I DO mind having 20 mugs when only 3 of us live in this apartment. We rarely have guests over and when we do, 7 or 8 mugs is more than enough. We really only need only need one coffee travel mug each with two extra just in case. I can see having 6 or 7 water bottles as The Boy tends to lose things frequently. Until then He has to deal with a bottle he doesn’t like, those are the consequences. Having 20 water bottles and 10 coffee travel mugs is insane and takes up valuable space.

As you can see from the shelf there is an abundance of espresso cups, mugs, glasses, and travel mugs. We do not need that many. I can’t wait for hubby to decide which need to be donated, there will be nothing better than clear space.

Food Container Storage

Hubby says that I “steal” his food containers, therefore he has his own collection separate from mine and Bookworm Boys food containers. He kept it in an ugly plastic basket on the fridge. I was able to toss that and put all his containers and his stock pile of coffee travel mugs (which he MUST purge) in a fabric container. Now if he tosses the extra appliances, we can put the coffee tumblers in the cabinet above the fridge.

I keep our food containers in the dishwasher. Why? It’s old, wastes electricity and water, and leaks. It’s the perfect place for storage, though I still need to purge down even more than I did yesterday.

Cleared Stove Top

My stove top is pretty much clear except for a cast iron pot and a frying pan. Under the stove is two more cast iron skillets and a half sheet pan. In the oven is the middle sized cast iron skillet. I set it up this way, so if I need to use the stove I only have to move one item out instead of trying to find places for 5 items.

Next to my sink is the small cutting boards that can drain out if water gets on them.

Overstuffed Cabinets

Not having a clean and organized kitchen, I wound up buying too many boxes of crackers, cheez its, rice, and canned goods items from Alidi’s. Now that finally have it all in working order, I can see what I have too many of and don’t need to buy from Aldi’s for a long time.

When I do go to Alidi’s I buy only what I need for two weeks, which helps with meal planning and saving money. All of their foods have great quality and low prices. Their brand of food taste better and is a lower price than our local stop and shop brand.

Extra counter top Space

Before now, I had to struggle to get into the microwave, because there was clutter all over the kitchen. Now I have lots of space to prep meals and display them.

The cabinets facing the living are the junk drawer and the lower cabinet is where we keep all our bathroom towels.



Why did I do this?

In our tiny apartment when you open the front door you step into the middle of the kitchen, therefore I want the first step into our home to be clean and organized. I know it’s not as minimalistic as what you see in traditional minimal lifestyle homes, but it will work for us.  Perhaps future posts will show even more purging and organizing.

It was wonderful and peaceful waking up to a clean and empty kitchen. I can’t wait to start cooking in here and enjoying all the space. It makes me feel as if we have a bigger kitchen.

Dining Area

Our dining table is cleared out and there is space to walk around both sides of the table. I know once the fall starts the chairs will get filled with backpacks and teaching bags. I know it will require extra work to keep it looking clean and clutter free. Ignore the The Boy’s bathing suit drying in the background.

The tea won’t always be on the table. Once hubby has cleared out the unused and unnecessary items from the kitchen,  perhaps I can store the tea on the shelf.

Future Posts

Hubby will not be happy when he sees what I did after he comes home from work. I know it was mean to do this when he wasn’t here, but he is a HUGE collector of things.

I’ m hoping the next kitchen post will show less “stuff” on these shelves and more empty space, which is peaceful.

The only things out on my counter are now the toaster which I have finally cleared off the top, our coffee maker, my blender which I use every morning, and cooking utensils (which I plan to purge again since most of not needed or used).