This week’s Top Ten list are things that people do which we consider rude, arrogant or otherwise inappropriate: strangers in the street, waiters, coworkers, bosses, family members, go, tell us about them! Do they cut in line? Throw cigarette butts on the floor, steal ideas? by Part-Time Working Hockey Mom

1. Leaving dog poop. Arrogant people who don’t clean up after their dogs.

2. Leaving Snow on your vehicle. Arrogant people who don’t clean off their cars in the winter (you’re probably  one in the same. Thinking you are entitled to do whatever you want without regard for others. Karma is coming for you.

3. Thinking you are entitled to speed well past speed limit or pass school buses. You need to follow the laws too. Would you want one of your family members to be hit by someone who like you refused to follow the laws?

4. Thinking others can read your mind and refusing to use your blinkers. Seriously, no one else knows what the hell you’re doing. So let’s all avoid and accident and use the blinkers that are right next to your hand.

5. Butter destroyer. Not slicing the butter off the end, but rather scoop from the top. It’s just pure evil.

6. Not being nice to wait staff. Please and thank you go a LONG way. Seriously, they are handling your damn food.

7. Not properly soaking dishes in the sink. If you just add water or only add soapy water half way, you are wasting everyone’s time.

8. Not holding holding open the door for someone behind you OR not saying thank you when someone holds open the door. Even worse when you are with your kids and don’t model for them good behavior. That’s just disgusting.

I WILL call you out on it!

9. Intimate questions: When will you have a baby? When will you have another baby? You’re not going to let him be an only, are you? I used to get offended and tell them all out by IVF woes, now a blank stare works. I’m passed the age when I get asked if I’ll have another, but still get opinions on why being an only is not good and he needs a sibling.

I have two new responses and please feel free to use these (a) I did have more, but I sold them off for good money…got that from a fellow mom in one of the One and Done groups. (b) I do have more, point around and start saying names with a serious face.

I bet they’ll think twice before they ask personal questions or start slinging out advice.

10. The drama in groups on facebook. Seriously! No one says you MUST respond to every post. If you don’t like a post, just keep scrolling. Just because you don’t like what someone posted in a group, doesn’t mean you are the Facebook police. So what if you don’t like what they wrote? So what if you are offended? Believe it or not, no one gives a rat’s hairy butt what you think. Get over yourself.

Every time I see one of those ridiculous “I’m offended posts”, I will comment with this gif…


Oh man, that’s ten already. Sighs….I have a lot more that annoys me. I guess that good for now.

What’s on your list?