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Kids are going back to school. Pretend you’re a kid. Write about your first day.

It was submitted by: http://notthatsarahmichelle.blogspot.com   

I decided to ask Bookworm Boy, who is going into 3rd grade, to tell about his first day back at school. He didn’t have a problem voicing his opinion, but he did not want to be bothered every time I asked him. He was too busy playing. My patience was being tested those days.
First I got a list of what he was looking forward to in 3rd grade
1. reading higher level books
2. writing independent stories instead of being told what to write
3. Hoping Maya and Daniel are in my class this year
4. I like gym and art and library
Not surprisingly his list of things he was not looking forward to was much longer
1. math then he made vomit sounds (also includes math tests which set him up to fail)
2. science and social studies I think that would be fun and interesting
3. having to play in kindergarten playground if the big kid playground is not open yes, because that is an important issue
4. homework I hear you on that dude
5. mean kids that’s a worry for me too
6. I wish I could sing opera in music, but I have to follow what the teacher says. Such a shame that they all have to be the same. In summer camp he gets to show off his abilities.
7. I don’t want to wear my reading glasses, but the doctor says I have to. They help me see better, but it’s annoying.
Other random comments he made regarding this post
1. I don’t want to go back to school, I like being home in the morning with you and not having to do homework.
2. I want to keep going to Boys and Girl’s Club summer camp and swim all the time. He passed his swimming test and deep water test. I would love for him
to be on the swim team next summer. 
3. I want to go back to cub scouts, but not religious class this year he has his Holy Communion. Only our parish does this in 3rd grade…HUGE EYE ROLL. 
I am not ready to even think about my first day back. Instead, the goal is to relax and enjoy my time off, before all the stress and worries hit me full force.