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What are your best/worst character traits in your opinion and why? 

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 Oh boy, nothing like a post to make you really think about yourself.

Introvert: I’m an introvert, I don’t like being around a lot of people having to talk and socialize. I rather a small gathering, but those can be scary too if you don’t know the people there. I also let those who wnat to be in the center of attention take it all, that’s the best way to find out who someone really is or the agenda they have.

Those who really know me, get this and just let me be.

Silly to Serious in 0 seconds: I can be serious and easily annoyed by stupidity and immaturity, then in mere seconds I can be that immature person laughing at what others deem crazy.

Inventive Curser: Not sure what that means? Well, I can make up some pretty foul language with a mixture of curses, adjectives, and everyday items or places. It sure does relieve a ton of stress.

Authentic: I’m real. I can’t pretend to like someone or kiss someone’s ass just to be with the in crowd. I was never a mean girl and could never be one. Sure my friends and I laugh at them, but only because they think we want in when we really don’t. You may think talking about all meeting up to go someplace in front of me hurts me, it really doesn’t. I want my son to include everyone. So all you’re doing is proving to me who you really are.

The bad thing is that this effects my son. He’s not invited over for play dates or parties because I don’t play the game. While some say I should pull up my big girl panties and do it for my son, I just can’t. My son would know it’s just an act and I’m not being real. If you can’t put aside your attitudes and -snobbishness to let my good-natured boy play with your child then I don’t want my son anywhere near you. I can’t trust you with my most valuable possession.

Why don’t invite others over? 1. our place is really small and these kids need to run around. 2. I HAVE invited some over and never got return play date invites. WHY? The answer is simple. I don’t live in their neighborhood and not in their private group.

Think I’m making it up? Well, my son would sit next the same boy at lunch almost every day. He said he tried to sit with other kids, but this would only want to sit with him. My son being an empathetic soul just went along with it. Then this kid turned around and said my son was “too wild” to be invited to his birthday party. We all know that came from the parents. The first school day after the party, the kid was sitting next to my son at lunch again, NOT the kids he invited to his party. Now tell me that isn’t all about a clique.

Worrier: Yes, I worry about everything and anything. There is evil out there and sick, twisted people. What we see on the surface isn’t who people really are. I also worry about little tings too. I need to stop, I know. Sometimes my worrying is self-fulfilling as I am worrying so much I make it happen. Other times I don’t worry and just mention I know what will happen and BAM it does. I get a gut feel, I need to be prepared, I know things can go wrong.

Exhausted: This goes hand in hand with the worrying. I don’t get a good night’s sleep. Though there are other issues involved with that too. Therefore I am always exhausted. I have no energy to exercise, but I do a tremendous amount of walking for job. I would love to be in bed by 9pm every night and sleep till 7am. Unfortunately, weekdays I am up at 5:40 and often wake up twice in the night.