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There was a recent pursuit in our town to change the start and end times of schools in our district. My son starts school at 9:05 (which is ridiculously late in my opinion) and high school starts at 7:45. Some parents were complaining about the high school starting too early, which I just laughed. Maybe that’s harsh, but what do you think will happen when you go to college and start a job? I mean really.

Anyway it seems that most of the high school students want to keep their school times set as is. They get home early, go off to sports or jobs, and have time to finish homework.

Most elementary parents did NOT want elementary to start later as it would effect sports and after school programs.

I was hoping they would start my son’s school earlier. Even a half an hour earlier would be amazing. Starting at 8:30 would be better than 9:00 am.

Perhaps the overall issue is not the start and end times for high school, but perhaps the fact that they are be given useless homework. They are being prepped for assessments and tests which have no bearing on what they actually need to learn and the knowledge they need to take away with them.

So surveys were sent out with various options and start times. Parents responded and the results show that elementary schools will be starting 15 minutes later I believe. The response was not overwhelmingly positive and parents what to know why because they all seem to have agreed on another option.

So now we must wait and see. What will happen in the school year 2019-2020, which will be my son’s last year at the elementary school. I am hoping if I wait and watch, there will be more changes that would truly benefit all the students. Perhaps the entire education system could change and students would be taught useful information instead of just how to get a high score on a meaningless test. I know, I’m out of my mind if I believe that.


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