Welcome to a Fly on the Wall group post. Today 8 bloggers are inviting you to catch a glimpse of what you’d see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. Come on in and buzz around my house.

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Bookworm Mom: the wife and mom to this crazy crew

Bookworm Dad: the husband and dad and often referred to as the big kid

Bookworm Boy– our singleton, a 7 year old boy who thinks he knows it all and is the one in charge

Bonus – our sweet and lovable adopted rat terrier 


Bookworm Mom:

Bookworm Mom “I just cleaned the bathroom and kitchen. If anybody messes it up I will lose my ever-loving mind. I will go crazy and hurt you.”

Bookworm Dad “Wow, that’s a bit harsh.”

Bookworm Boy “You can’t say that to me. That’s mean.”

Bookworm Mom “What’s mean is when the two of you don’t appreciate how much cleaning I do and leave messes everywhere.”


After finding some yellow spots on the floor near the toilet I told someone to clean it up and he refused.

“Well, then I will no longer be cleaning your clothes or making you dinner. I’ve had enough.” Then closed the bathroom door.

When I came out the living room was all tidied up and he was sitting there like an angel.

“Oh wow. You did this to make up for not cleaning up after yourself in the bathroom? Thank you so much sweetie. You made my day.”

Now he makes sure that toilet is cleaned each and every time. He knows I mean business.


Bookworm Boy:

Random comments about eating…

  • “I can’t come eat now. I’m playing.”
  • “Why do I have to eat when you want me to eat?”
  • “Stop bothering me. I am playing. I don’t have time to eat.”



screams…. “Help me. I can’t find my spider man toy. I need to find it. I need it right now.”


“I can’t hang up my coat. I have important things to do, like play. I’m a kid and I need to play not work.”


Bookworm Dad:

Yup, he forgot about the conversation we had that morning.

Then another time he had no clue how our son was getting to Boys and Club which is literally down the road from his school. I think he was mixing up the morning drop off place and the after school program. He has the nerve to call me an idiot. Apparently I’m the mom of a 43 year old man-child as well.