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Happy 8th Birthday

Bookworm Boy is now 8 years old!!!! My little man will soon be starting 3rd grade. Where did the time go?????   What is your favorite color? blue red green What is your favorite toy? My blanket, teddy, doggie, and bumblebee What… Continue Reading →

AJ is 7 Today!!!!

My son is seven! Yes, seven years old. Where did the time go? My sweet AJ , you are a true miracle. Everyday I am blessed to be your mom, even when you drive me mad. . You are intelligent, kind, helpful,… Continue Reading →

AJ is SIX today!

My son is six! Yes six years old!!!. Where did the time go? Seems not too long ago that it was six years of trying to become parents. Six years of heartbreak, pain, desperation, and loneliness that have now been… Continue Reading →

Dino is FIVE today

Dino’s 5th birthday party was a success.  I love that Dino was so happy to see all his friends and family. It’s so amazing to see how much he has grown and matured since his last birthday. He ran around… Continue Reading →

38 Years and Halloween Memories

This week’s sentence is ”One Halloween I…celebrated as a mom.“ When you are trying to have a child and it doesn’t work, you think about every special moment and holiday you will never experience as a mom. But that first… Continue Reading →

Dino is FOUR today

Dino’s 4th birthday party was a success.  I love that Dino was so thankful and appreciative of the party and gifts. He kept thanking his friends for coming and celebrating with him. When he gets wild and doesn’t listen, I… Continue Reading →

37 Years

I am 37 years old today, in honor of my birthday I wrote 37 words that describe me. Here is the direct link for the wordle I have been so busy but hope to catch up on all your blogs… Continue Reading →

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