Most of these posts are from my previous bog, Now that my son has grown and my blog goals have changed I needed to create a new blog.


Raisning an Older Singleton

The Best Decade

Circles and Squares: behavior modification

Happy 8th Birthday Dude

Respect and Kindness: Raising him to be a good man

Happy to be a singleton: Bookworm Boy’s list of reasons being a Singleton rocks

Happy New Year – Keeping a Singleton Occupied and having a blast

Christmas Eve

Awesome Vacation with our Singleton

7th Birthday

Our Guy was stung by a Wasp…in his Jacket

Actual 7th Birthday


ONLY CHILD: (((YOUNGER YEARS)))only child face

Only Child Stigma


Dino in Cooperstown

Never again will I…

Taking a dinosaur on vacation

Keep an only busy on New Years Eve

Do we Stay or Go?

Go Away Mommy

Proud Mommy

REUSING Shoe boxes

Life with a Dinosaur

LIFE WITH A BOY breakfast in motion

LIFE WITH A BOY Cars everywhere

POTTY TRAINING I’m pooping mommy

When Dinosaurs Attack

Preschool Schedule

Tried it and Liked It

Raising a Good Man

Will he Ever be Calm

Favorite Shows & Giveaway

Keeping a Dinosaur Busy

Sweet and Silly Dinosaur

SMILE of a Child

I’m Back

Dinosaur Superhero

Dinosaurs Everywhere

The Joy That is My Son

Snowmen Socks

He Just Wanted to Help

Pillow Obstacle Course

Stickers and Flying

Temper Ttantrum Taped

What a Surprise, Dinosaurs.

Where Are the Dinos?

Sick Mommy and the Dinosaur

Spaceships and Spit Strings

Throwing a Dino

Dinosaur Reads Aloud