Here you will find honest and open posts written by me, the Mommy!

Who is Mommy? Well I’m a soon to be 40 year old wife to a big kid and a mom to an only. Being the mom to a wild boy has its challenges, but it also has all it’s joys and hopes.

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Getting Paid to do Chores – Why I pay AJ each week to do chores

I Keep Going – Even after I get home from work, I never stop working

Finally, On the Right Track – AJ finally gets an IEP and all the services he needs

New Experiences and Challenges  – Running in my first Run Like a Mother race on Mother’s day. 

 Run, Walk, or Perhaps Crawl   – Tyring to prepare for my first 5k

 Only Child Stigma – being the mom of an only child in today’s world 


AJ is eight today

AJ is Seven today

AJ is Six Today

Dino is Five

Dino is Four